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Personal Career Talk

Do you graduate this year and want some advice to guide you in your career choice? Let us help you build your future by guiding you towards the right career path for you!

Register for an individual conversation with an EY Recruiter on Teams!

What to expect?

Our recruiters are available to assist you in finding the career path that fits you the best according to your studies, interests and profile.

You already have an interest in a particular vacancy but you want to know more? Our recruiters are available to answer any of your questions. If you are still wondering what you want to do and where to start, don’t hesitate to first have a look at our service lines and vacancies pages to have a better idea of our job opportunities.

Complete the registration form and we will contact you shortly to agree on a timeslot.

For who?

  • You are graduating (Bachelor or Master) in Economics, Business, Accountancy, Law, Tax, IT, Engineering or any related field
  • You are interested in a first fixed job experience
  • You are fluent in Dutch and/or French


Teams call

Meet our recruiters


Contact in French & Dutch

“Always enthusiastic to get to know you! I love walking and playing tennis in my free time. What about you? Let’s have a chat about your interests and future career at EY!

Ella Van Damme


Contact in French & Dutch

“I’m excited to personally guide you in your career search and talk about what it means to work at EY!

Ilse Demeyer


Contact in Dutch

“In my free time I love spending time with my dog Maurice, but I love making time to have conversations with young people to help them find the right career path!”



Contact in French & Dutch

“I’m very happy to discuss about what it’s like to work for clients in the financial sector such as banks and insurance companies.


Contact in French & Dutch

“I love playing tennis during my free time, let’s have a chat together and see if it’s a match!

Neel Quatacker


Contact in Dutch

“Motivation is key in your lookout for a first professional working experience. Happy to listen to your interests, better understand where you would like to develop into & help you with having a look at a potential content match within EY. Let’s have a talk!”


Contact in French & Dutch

“Did you recently graduate or are you graduating soon? Ready to kick-off your professional career but not sure where to start? Don’t hesitate to reach out, I would be happy to have a talk with you about future and see if EY can be a match!”

Roos Peeters


Contact in Dutch

“I love drinking coffee with friends. Let’s talk during your coffee break!