Barbara François

  • Executive Director
  • EY Law
  • 6 weeks at EY

The difference between EY Law and a classic law firm? The work you do is pretty much the same. The difference lies in the human aspects, like work-life balance and the flat, informal structure. That’s something I never found in classic law firms.

“I get to build something from scratch in a safe environment.”

“In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve already noticed the flexibility. Not only in where you work but also when.”
“If you utilise the opportunities you get here and combine them with working closely with your colleagues, then all types of doors will open for you.”
“I get to work with professionals that are human-centric. We’re all collaborative and respectful, which makes the work so much more fun to do.”
“Whenever I need a break or take some time to myself, that is respected and even encouraged. Add our benefits like hospitalisation insurance to that, and you know you’re taken care of.”
“You get the opportunity to choose interesting projects for clients from all sectors, not just in Belgium but also internationally. EY is a great place to be in to grow your career.”