Valérie Havaux

  • Senior manager
  • EY Law
  • 10 years at EY

When you get promoted, everyone from EY Europe with the same job position as you comes together for a couple of days filled with learnings and social gatherings. You learn so much from people who do the same work as you in a different environment. You don’t find that anywhere else.

I can honestly say that I've made friends for life at EY.

“The people and the culture at EY are – and always have been – what I love most about working here. And to be frank, it’s also what keeps me here. Lots of people have come and gone, but most of them will be in my life forever.”
“For me, management and leadership are all about building a bridge between people. A strong team and team spirit is the foundation of quality work.”
“At EY Law we are all very well taken care of in many different ways. Like fresh meals every day, extra vacation days, or even coaching sessions.”
“The height of my career so far has been the opportunity to work in New York for 4 months. EY offers these kinds of opportunities a lot as a form of personal & career development.”
“As a senior manager my door is always open for anyone, but other people’s doors are also open to me, and they always have been. It’s safe to say we take our open door policy seriously.”