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Discover the many reasons (good and great) why our colleagues joined and stay at EY

Our colleagues stay at EY to build their exceptional EY experience.

Because here, it’s yours to build

But that doesn’t mean you build it alone. EY offers all the building blocks you need to grow your talents and reach your full potential. So, why will you join EY?

Focus on a sustainable world
Leadership & management style
People & culture
Personal & career development
Workplace & facilities
Care & support
Reward & recognition

Our building blocks look good on paper, but they really come to life in the exceptional EY experiences of our colleagues. They have been building their journey from day one. So, we asked them to literally build their EY experience using actual building blocks – of course.

Eager to see, read and hear some real-life stories?

Discover their exceptional (and real) EY experiences

It's yours to build!

Watch Jorine’s video

Martin’s Podcast


It's yours to build!

Watch Kenneth’s video

Let’s build your exceptional EY Experience.
It's yours to build.

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