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There are many reasons to join EY.

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4 great reasons to join EY…

You become part of a team, a vibe, a group of people where freedom of ideas, personal entrepreneurship and new initiatives outweigh hierarchy and job titles.

Here, it’s yours to take the lead.

You become part of the EY family providing you with all the necessary skills, training and opportunities; enabling you to grow to your fullest potential.

It’s yours to grasp them.

You become part of a diverse bunch of humans, that celebrate team wins more than individual performances. And speaking of celebrations, there are plenty of those as well.

And it’s yours to start the party.

You have everything at your fingertips to experience an exceptional career. You get to pick and choose the building blocks that will help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Right here, it’s yours to build.

How we empower you to build your exceptional EY experience

Challenging projects that dare you to grow your skills. Trainings that enhance your expertise. Colleagues ready to partner with you, on a large project or a celebration.

At EY, you can find all the necessary building blocks to shape your career exactly as you want it. If that’s not reason enough to join, we don’t know what is.

  • We empower you to flourish, in every aspect
  • You have the freedom to develop new ideas and take initiative
  • Enjoy the energy of a passionate team with a shared mission
  • Communicate how you wish to keep growing, we’re listening
  • Let us take care of you and support you, in every possible way
  • Communicate how you’re feeling and what can be done, we’re listening
  • Let the energy of your passionate colleagues be your power charger
  • We empower you to achieve your targets and face your challenges

We’re thrilled to announce that we were named the Best Workplace of Belgium in 2023! We couldn’t be prouder of this incredible accomplishment and we’re grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone on our teams.

Moving up the ranks from 9th to 7th to 4th to 3rd place in 2022 and taking the top spot in 2023 is a testament to our commitment to creating a positive work environment and investing in our people !

We were then recognized as the employer of choice in Belgium and we continue to work hard to maintain that reputation. Cheers to everyone at EY Belgium on this well-deserved win!

In all our actions, EY Belgium is committed to contributing to building a better working world. First and foremost, we want to offer something that really creates added value for our people, ranging from unique mobility solutions to an authentic hybrid work and compensation approach. It is thanks to this that we were again named ‘Baanbrekende Werkgever’ in 2023.

EY & you, a match built in heaven?

EY & you, a match built in heaven?

Yes, you should come build with EY

  • Becoming the best version of yourself is what drives you. You want to grow your skills, your network and your client’s satisfaction with EY’s help.
  • You take pride in the work you do and are eager to go the extra mile on a project. Or you gladly stick around for an impromptu celebration with the colleagues.
  • You don’t wait for somebody to tell you what to do. You take matters in your own hands. After all, your future is yours to build.

Sorry, EY might not be your happy place when…

  • Your talents thrive in a strict hierarchy & routine. With regular office hours and a ‘boss’ offering you a strict everyday schedule.
  • Colleagues just happen to be people you share a workplace with, not allies in one of the most essential parts of your life.
  • You consider your knowledge and expertise as a fixed set. Not something that can evolve at the speed of light.

How we build a better working world, on every level

For you, our colleague

At EY, we care for each other. By giving you the tools and guidance to grow – professionally and personally – into the best version of yourself on good days. But also by providing you with a safety net and a sympathetic ear on lesser days. The focus is always on the exceptional EY and life experience you get to build within our flexible, stimulating culture.

For our client

We diminish risks and increase opportunities for our clients’ business, customers and their employees, adding to financially healthy businesses and futureproof working environments.

For our society

By empowering our clients and their businesses, we contribute to higher employment rates, build stronger financial markets and a more prosperous society.

For our planet

Both as a company and as a counsellor to our clients, we want to take the lead in a better, more sustainable working world. We emphasise the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship and, most importantly, act accordingly. From limiting plastics to implementing our green company car policy.

Our colleagues stay at EY to build their EY experience.

Hear, read and watch their stories.

The growth I went through in the past 6 years… amazing!

Thomas RichezSenior Manager Technology SAP

I can honestly say that I've made friends for life at EY.

Valérie HavauxSenior manager Diegem

I get to build something from scratch in a safe environment.

Barbara FrançoisExecutive Director Gent

The keyword at EY is human. The people here are humane, open and accessible.

Mikhaël Niemba SukaManager competence team ERM

EY's global structure makes it really easy to work in different countries.

Flora Puertas CuevasSenior Manager EU Assurance

I like the bonus system. I'm using mine for an extra long vacation next year.

Sophie Van HaelewynSenior Consultant indirect tax

Do you feel like EY is the place for you?

Let’s build your exceptional EY Experience.
It's yours to build.

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