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First Impressions. Exceptional Moments.
It’s yours to build.

Apparently, we are renowned for our human touch. Probably because we like to meet, chat and exchange ideas with new people all the time. So, come join us at our upcoming job events and let’s build a great time together.

Eager to make an exceptional first impression?

When you feel like EY is your next place-to-be, just come talk to our EY colleagues. Even if you didn’t see a perfectly matching job opening for you. Talent with a mindset to build a better working world is always welcome at EY.

Meet us at the following job fairs

  • 16-May
  • Stagebeurs | AP Hogeschool
  • Antwerp

Stagebeurs AP Hogeschool

Some exceptional past experiences

Do you feel like EY is the place for you?

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Let’s build your exceptional EY Experience.
It's yours to build.

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