An-Sofie Letellier

  • Executive Assistant
  • Accountancy Department CBS
  • 10 years at EY

What I’m most proud of after 10 years at EY? That’s hard to choose. I’m proud of the whole. Of what we accomplish together every single day. Of how well we all get along and the collegiality you feel everywhere. I’m proud to be part of the EY family.

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone? Then it's a match.

“The most prominent colour in my construction is yellow. This represents the people, the colleagues and the culture at EY. It’s such an integral part of my experience here, that it carries everything else.”
“Why do we have such strong teams at EY? Because our leadership is accessible and open. They help resolve problems and won’t let them go until we’ve found a proper solution.”
“Your personal and professional development are completely intertwined here. By growing our soft and hard skills, you get to grow as a person, which in turn makes you a better colleague for your team.”
“My confidence has skyrocketed here, mostly thanks to the trust I’ve received from my colleagues and management. They made me try new things and challenged me to come out of my comfort zone. That’s where true growth happens.”
“The environment at EY is so supportive. I truly get to be myself and feel at home here. Both in the office and when we work together virtually.”
“If I could I would’ve built an entirely transparent wall. It symbolizes the open communication and transparency that each of us strives for.”