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Discover the many reasons (good and great) why our colleagues joined and stay at EY

Our colleagues stay at EY to build their exceptional EY experience.

Because here, it’s yours to build

But that doesn’t mean you build it alone. EY offers all the building blocks you need to grow your talents and reach your full potential. So, will you join EY for our focus on a sustainable world, our people & culture or your personal and career development? Or is it our leadership & management that will convince you? 

Now, we know this all looks good on paper, but our building blocks really come to life in the exceptional EY experiences of our colleagues. They have been building their journey from day one. That’s why we asked them to literally build their EY experience using actual building blocks – of course.  

Eager to see, read, and hear some real-life stories? You can view them all or filter to the service line you are most interested in.

Discover their exceptional EY experiences

Meet Assurance

The colleagues of EY Assurance basically keep the (business) world spinning. With their critical eye, they detect pitfalls and areas for improvement in our clients’ businesses. Averting possible crashes and making sure businesses keep growing.

“We take the time to share knowledge. You learn from seniors, and you pass it on to juniors.”

Pommelien BastaensSenior Auditor

Martin’s Podcast

Barbara’s Podcast

It's yours to build!

Watch Julie’s video

Barbara Van Den Bosch

It's yours to build!

Watch Pommelien’s video

Meet Consulting

Our colleagues at EY Consulting have all the answers. That’s mainly because they know the best questions to ask; they know how to work together towards innovative solutions and they are able to deliver exceptional client service.

It's yours to build!

Watch Vince’s video

Reza’s Podcast


Watch Sarah’s video

Thomas’ Podcast


Meet Accounting, Compliance & Reporting

You haven’t seen efficiency until you’ve seen EY’s ACR-service line. Our colleagues in ACR shift between working for large multinational companies, family-owned businesses and start-ups like it’s nothing. They become a trusted business advisor for all of their clients – big or small – and help them create a competitive advantage. All while complying with the regulatory requirements, of course.

Lenny’s Podcast


It's yours to build!

Watch Alaa’s video

It's yours to build!

Watch Clément’s video

It's yours to build!

Watch Suzanne’s video

Christophe’s Podcast

Meet Core Business Services

Who takes care of the caretakers? Who do the consultants consult? Well, at EY the answer is easy: our team of Core Business Services. When you’re part of this lively and versatile department, you are the backbone to the entire EY Belgium organisation: from marketing & HR to facilities and overall legal and finance. You are the launching platform from which the EY brand, businesses and your colleagues can take flight.

It's yours to build!

Watch Jorien’s video

It's yours to build!

Watch Kenneth’s video

Tim’s Podcast

Céline’s Podcast

Evelien’s Podcast



An-Sofie’s Podcast


Meet Strategy and Transactions

Our Strategy and Transactions colleagues are the ones who make deals happen around the world. They realise the growth our clients are after by advising them on major capital solutions. When you join this team you will determine what businesses our clients should buy, sell or restructure. Once this decision has been made you value the transaction and help our client integrate, separate or restructure.

Tim Lenssens


It's yours to build!

Watch Alexander’s video

Kato’s Podcast

It's yours to build!

Watch Ysaline’s video

Joachim’s Podcast


Tim’s Podcast

Meet Tax & Legal

Businesses can easily get lost in their taxes and legal obligations. It may not be their strong suit, but it is that of our colleagues at Tax & Legal. They help clients stay on top of their local and global tax and legal obligations and more importantly, enhance their financial reporting and performance.

Let’s build your exceptional EY Experience.
It's yours to build.

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