Barbara Van Den Bosch

  • Senior manager
  • Assurance FAAS/CFO Services
  • 11 years at EY 

On top of my job at EY, I’m also the national president of Ladies’ Circle Belgium. A service club for friendship and service that hosts fundraising events for good causes. With 47 active clubs and about 700 members to manage, I think it’s safe to say that my job at EY can be combined with my personal life.

“Sometimes I work for startups and multinationals on the same day.”

“My construction represents my many milestones at EY. Specifically growing in my work from assistant to senior manager, but also in the different areas that I’ve been able to make an impact.”
“The longer you work here, the more responsibilities are entrusted to you. Our managers and executives find the right balance between helping you develop your skills and allowing you to apply them in the real world.”
“EY supports our health in many different ways. One of which is the EY in motion program. It encourages us to partake in various sports activities with our team. A while back, we ran the marathon for Run to Tokyo and Run to Rio.”
“We work in a young company that is a real people business. You feel it in the way we all work together, but also in the open door policy that our management takes very seriously.”
“Sustainability is extremely important to me, both professionally and personally. Within EY I got the opportunity to improve our impact, which has led to us earning our silver EcoVadis score.”