Ellen Welkenhuysen

  • Senior consultant
  • Tax Financial Services
  • 1 year at EY

Starting a new job during a pandemic wasn’t easy. But my first team-building event with EY definitely made up for it. After that trip to Knokke, I knew I had made the right decision to join EY. There hasn’t been a doubt in my mind since.

“Being yourself with your unique talents is more than enough here.”

“The flowers are a metaphor for growth. EY offers all of us the nutrients we need to flourish.”
“At EY they encourage you to become the best version of yourself, instead of trying to become someone else. I truly feel valued here for who I am as a person.”
“EY has a strong foundation. It’s built out of the amazing people you work with, the facilities you get to work in and the sustainability we all work towards.”
“The leadership at EY is there to help you grow. They want to see you succeed and give you the necessary tools, feedback and motivation to do so.”
“In the past year, I have already followed my fair share of courses that EY offers. For my professional, as well as my personal development. Growth is very important to me and EY understands that.”