Fanny Asukulu

  • Senior Consultant
  • EY Law FSO
  • 9 months at EY

The word that comes to mind is “welcoming”. In our society, it’s quite hard for everybody to feel welcomed and included no matter who they are and what their background is. EY is a snapshot of what the world can be like if everyone was welcome to be themselves.

“EY is my professional safe space.”

“What people see from the outside of EY and what we see from within are very different. Before you join EY you get a sense of the career path you can build, but you don’t see all the supporting layers behind it yet.”
“You don’t just get to be around amazing people. It’s more the idea of a family. You come here in a new environment with new people and they welcome you as you are.”
“I was looking for an environment that was super stimulating and challenging. Being around these interesting people that I get to learn from gives me all the energy I need to build my career. “
“The treasure and the windy flag represent an island. It’s the space outside of work where I get my oxygen: my home with my family. It helps me to recharge and then build my career. EY leaves room for that personal space.”
“When I arrived at EY, I mainly wanted to build my professional career and develop my personal skills. Not every environment or employer encourages that, but here they do.”