Kato Bellaert

  • Junior Consultant
  • Strategy and Transactions
  • 2 years at EY

Why did I choose to work at EY? The diversity in projects and the possibilities they bring to build a career and develop your personal and professional skills. And of course the people. I instantly felt at home during my first job interviews.

“I loved every step of my application process”

“The front of my building symbolises EY’s façade. It’s how I saw EY before I started my application process. I knew that EY was ‘building a better working world’, but I didn’t know what that really meant.”
“As soon as you start at EY, you are immediately included in the various projects. It’s what makes the learning curve here so steep. You develop skills faster than anywhere else.”
“Within my first week at EY, I was going to client meetings and working directly with upper management, like directors and partners, who took the time to bring me up-to-speed.”
“Whenever I feel the workload is getting too heavy or I’m not 100% comfortable attending a meeting on my own, I can always reach out to a senior or a manager and ask them to help me out.”
“Everyone here is so warm, open and supportive. Even during my application process they would share their experiences with me and answer any of my questions.”