Lenny Batens

  • Senior Consultant
  • Accounting, Compliance & Reporting
  • 4 years at EY 

People say cash is king. But it’s all about what the company does with its revenue. And EY spends a big part of it towards building a better working world for its people. I don’t think many companies can compare.

I saw what people had already accomplished after 5 years at EY. That's what I wanted too.

“It doesn’t matter whether you start at EY as a graduate or with 10 years of experience. Everyone goes through the same welcoming process.”
“Most people think of being promoted as the ultimate growth in your career. But it’s the work you do to earn that promotion that truly makes you grow personally and professionally.”
“Feeling valued in your job doesn’t only come from your paycheck. EY’s rewarding strategy & policy for bonuses, resources, feedback and trust keeps us all motivated.”
“Our people are technically the product we sell to our clients. So it only makes sense that we invest in them and put them at the heart of the organisation.”
“Here comes a cliché: Inspiring leadership is the most important part of your growth. Seeing where they are in their career, and being encouraged to walk the same path… Now that’s motivation.”