Reza Guillaume

  • Executive Director Finance 
  • EY Consulting 
  • 10 years at EY

I built a plane because it reminds me of my very first major EY experience. In 2012, we flew with a couple of colleagues to Chicago for an intense workshop with an international client. An unforgettable first impression.

Chicago, Sofia, Cannes... Wherever the client takes us.

“My EY plane can be headed anywhere the client takes us. Last week it was Sofia, today it’s Belgium, and next week we’re flying towards Cannes.”
“Riding the waves, that’s the attitude with which we deliver our projects.”
“We face difficulties all the time. Coming from the project itself, a change at the client’s end, the constant pressure we’re under… We’re not naive about it.”
“We work hard, but sometimes we just want to lie under a palm tree. The flexibility and trust EY gives you makes it possible to find a good balance.”
“There’s no status quo here. You’re constantly growing. Everything is moving.”