Thomas Richez

  • Senior Manager Technology SAP
  • EY Consulting
  • 6 years at EY

No matter where you are in the company’s pyramid, we call each other by our first name. Leadership at EY really resembles a flat structure.. Even when you’re a junior, our partners are there for you. To help, assist and challenge you to grow.

At EY, I finally found the challenges that matched my drive.

“To me, working at EY is like finding a treasure island. Because when you want to, there is always a treasure to find here.”
“The real treasure for me at EY is the personal development. The growth I went through in the past 6 years… Amazing. Because of the training programs, but also thanks to great mentorship.”
“My boat is built out of three keystones: management style, culture, and development. It’s those three empowering aspects that keep us afloat in the often stormy seas”.
“We get a wide variety of tools at our disposal to grow and keep growing.”
“I really sense a people culture here at EY. Everybody is accessible, you feel part of a tribe. When we have fun, but also when we’re working hard.”