Tim Novak

  • Account receivables lead
  • CBS
  • 3 years at EY

Flexibility is not a luxury. It’s a solution that reduces the stress of everyday life. EY understands that. As the father of a 2-year-old, I know the pandemic was a lot less stressful for me than it could have been. All thanks to EY for valuing flexibility over control.

If you want to grow fast, then EY is the place for you.

“The way EY handles diversity is unparalleled. Every piece, no matter its colour, shape or height, is equally important to building our working world.”
“When I started working at EY, what mattered most to me were the numbers. Pay, bonuses, office space, flexibility, etc. It’s what made me come here, but the people are what’s keeping me here.”
“For such a large company, it’s amazing how everyone works together as a team. I think it stems from our shared value of always focusing on the future and finding the best way to get there. Together.”
“I believe in always aiming higher than the horizon. Every day we should try to do better than the day before by questioning and reinventing ourselves.”
“As a large employer, we’re aware of our role. We don’t only help our clients with audits and tax advice. We encourage them to face and tackle society’s challenges, like diversity and climate change.”