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Junior Auditor

IFRS Expert

As a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, we hire and develop the most passionate people in their field to help build a better working world. This starts with a culture that believes in giving you the training, opportunities and creative freedom to make things better. This is what makes us different, and renders working here a unique, lifetime experience.

The opportunity

We are looking to strengthen our CFO Services IFRS team and IFRS Professional Practice Department. Our CFO Services IFRS team consists of a group of experts who’s day-to-day activities exist in supporting fast growing companies to take the next step being an IPO or sale to a third-party investor. In this dynamic environment, we help these companies to convert their figures from local GAAP to IFRS and to prepare their first set of IFRS financial statements. Next to this, our team offers technical IFRS accounting advice to mature IFRS appliers. Large, multinational companies count on our teams to analyse how major transactions would influence the IFRS financial statements and therefore the stock price of their shares. Our IFRS Professional Practice Department supports the audit teams responsible to audit Belgium’s large quoted companies. Support is offered in the form of IFRS technical accounting analysis and IFRS financial statement reviews.

We have two vacant positions (one in both teams) for which we envision to recruit experienced profiles to work in our team which is mainly based in Diegem, Ghent and Antwerp.

To qualify for the role you must have

For both roles, we are looking for someone with a Master Degree in Finance and 5 to 15 years of experience working in an IFRS department at a large accounting firm or at an IFRS applier. As a candidate, we expect you to have a very good knowledge of English and to be fluent in either Dutch or French. An in depth, strong knowledge of the IFRS standards is a prerequisite.

Candidates applying for the CFO Services IFRS team are expected to be true team players who can lead a team and manage a client engagement. Applying for this roles means that you are hands-on, can work in a pragmatic manner and are passionate to go beyond the IFRS theory and apply it in practice. In our client engagements, we not only perform technical analysis, but we also make the IFRS calculations, draw-up the accounting entries for the IFRS adjustments and prepare IFRS financial statements. As an IFRS expert in our team, you should have  strong analytical skills that enable you to think out of the box and come with good ideas to help our clients address their complex accounting questions. Having a willingness to share this knowledge and coach/train our young consultants is very important to us.
Candidates applying for the IFRS Professional Practice Department are expected to be able to act as an expert regarding IFRS related questions. As a member of this technical team, it is very important that you follow-up IFRS developments and IFRIC discussions. Your role will be to support the audit teams to help them analyze the IFRS compliance of new transactions. In addition, you will perform the review of the year-end and quarterly IFRS reports our clients are publishing. Another role of the Professional Practice Department is to increase the IFRS knowledge of our audit teams through training. As we not only train our people internally but also our clients on a regular basis, we are looking for a fluent speaker who is confident to talk about IFRS for large audiences.

What working at EY offers

Being part of the CFO Services IFRS team, we offer you a young, international working environment where you will serve Belgium’s large IFRS appliers and fast growing companies. Through our extensive client base we offer you a challenging position where you will be involved in many complex transactions ongoing at large multinationals. In addition, we offer you a chance to do the IFRS process from a to z through IFRS conversions of fast growing companies. One of the main advantage of working in such a team is the diversity which is offered on a daily basis in terms of type of work performed, team members you will work with and different clients active in diverse sectors you will work for. Working in our team means that you will be a team leader managing the engagements. Our team is a very young team and you will be welcomed in a team with a positive working energy/dynamic.

Being part of the IFRS Professional Practice department, you will be part of a team of IFRS experts passionate about IFRS. The audit teams you will support are serving large international customers active in diverse sectors. Through our extensive client base we offer you a challenging position where you will be involved in many complex transactions ongoing at large multinationals. In addition, we offer you a chance to follow all latest IFRS developments. Time will be provided to perform self-study in relation to this and you will be welcomed in the regular IFRS update meetings which are organized by our global IFRS teams. Through this, we open for you a very extensive IFRS knowledge database that will help you to lift your knowledge to the next level. You will be welcomed in an experienced, highly motivated team. Our team is committed to help the audit teams and train these teams and our clients on IFRS topics.

At EY, the spotlight is on our people. You are empowered to build your expertise and explore the world so that you can innovate and challenge the status quo. 

Because Building a better working world begins here.

This is what makes us different, and renders working here a unique, lifetime experience.

We are one international, connected team, with one purpose. We are EY.

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