Céline Reynaud

  • Campaign and solution manager
  • Business Development
  • 6 years at EY

I got the opportunity to be an EY ambassador for the LEAD Network – an organisation that strives for women’s advancement and career progression in the consumer sector. That’s what building a better working world means to me.

“You can't achieve greatness without the of others... At EY, you're never alone.”

“We’re constantly moving. Everyone at EY is trying to move ahead, to move forward. In the end, we are going somewhere together.”
“While I was building this, I struggled to connect the wheels properly. My colleague Tim immediately stopped building to help me, which made him finish his own work late. It’s a nice example of how we work here.”
“We’re just like dolphins. We have to face the waves – our challenges – and sometimes we can surf on them and advance quicker and other times they will hit us in the face. Being in a supportive environment helps you deal with that.”
“I am the mother of two teenagers. They need to have their mom at home to listen to their many stories. Thanks to EY, I can be there and hear them all.”
“Our ultimate goal is to create impact and revenue for our work. I like to see myself as a leader in growing the company and helping us all win.”