Evelien Baute

  • Internal communications manager
  • Brand, Marketing & Communication
  • 9 years at EY

I started in the HR department. After three years I made the switch to marketing. When you feel like another role within the company would be a better fit, EY helps you to find a way to get there.

“I get to be a mom without sacrificing my career.”

“I’ve recently become a mom, so I’ve been figuring out how to keep my work and private life in perfect balance. But at EY you are truly ‘allowed’ to be a mom without losing any support in your work.”
“We work in a give and take culture. Yes, they expect you to perform at a high level, but you get the complete freedom to manage your day-to-day.”
“When I asked for an extra month of maternity leave, they actually encouraged me to take it. Everyone understood that that was precious time that I would never get back.”
“I’ve never felt like I was punished for making a mistake, which we all do from time to time. Instead, I was encouraged to learn from it.”
“I always said that I was never going to work for a big firm. But you’re not just a number here. EY makes a lot of effort to get to know who you are and where you want to go.”