Joachim Roelants

  • Junior Consultant
  • Strategy and Transactions
  • < 1 year at EY

During our trip to Barcelona, our department from all over Europe West came together. It was amazing to see how the way of working at EY is engrained in the company everywhere. Sure there are some differences, but it’s one big crowd of like-minded people with the same goals and work ethic.

“I get to learn from so many people in so many different fields.”

“EY is built on sustainability. By supporting the environment – Our electric fleet, carbon-neutral buildings, planting trees, etc. -. But also by being true to its values. They truly are building a better working world. ”
“I feel like I am in control of my career at EY. I get to decide which way I want to go, and I receive the support to get me there. They want everyone here to find their way.”
“Being able to work so closely with our leadership is a real asset to my growth here. I get to discuss rapports with them and watch their minds at work.”
“I built a high tower because I keep putting my goals higher and higher. At first, it always seems unreachable, but thanks to the support of my colleagues, I eventually get to swing my way to the top.”
“Whenever I’m stuck on a problem, I can easily reach out to a colleague for help. They won’t solve it for me, but they will take me through the process, so I can learn how to do it myself.”