Tim Lenssens

  • Consultant Lead Advisory Team M&A
  • Strategy and Transactions
  • 1 year, 9 months at EY

In the M&A business, EY has a great advantage by having a huge international network. Potential buyers know and trust EY. That helps to serve your clients better.

“There are so many different people here. And I get to learn from them all.”

“The care and support we receive at EY form a strong foundation that we can safely build our careers on.”
“EY doesn’t just leave room for personal and professional development. It builds your work and career around it.”
“I am constantly inspired by our leadership and management. Not only because they know what they’re doing, but because they make sure to show you the ropes as well.”
“While care and support are the foundation, EY’s facilities keep a roof over our heads and make sure we don’t fall short of anything. Food, transportation, fully equipped offices,… You name it.”
“When you start working at EY, you know you’ll have to work hard. But you also get plenty in return. Everyone at EY appreciates every single thing you do.”
“There are two sides to sustainability. There’s the social side, which makes EY a human-centric employer. And there’s the environmental side, like planting trees and building a fully electric fleet. EY works hard on both.”