Timothy Lauwers

  • Corporate Consultant
  • Tax & Legal
  • 1 year at EY

I still have so many things to look forward to, because the opportunities are endless. But right now, I want to focus on developing my knowledge of tax. Coming straight from school, I still have a lot to learn, and EY is the perfect place to do so.

“Being more self-aware helps me to do my job better. I've grown as a person.”

“The blue is a symbol for my internship in Mauritius. It’s where I was first introduced to international tax. It’s what convinced me to work for EY.”
“One of the biggest stereotypes about the Big Four is that there’s no room for you as a person. This simply isn’t true at EY. We’re a family.”
“It all comes down to communication. If your workload is too big, your manager will find a way to take some work off of your plate. You get to take control of your schedule by communicating what you need.”
“There is a type of hierarchy here, but it’s only used to help you grow. As a junior, all of my work is reviewed by a senior consultant and a manager, which helps me to learn and take risks.”
“EY makes it easier for me to live a more sustainable life. They set an example by making our fleet electric and reducing plastics in the office. EY’s efforts rub off on us.”